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  • IFS for Helping Professionals

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    Therapy for Therapists, Professors,  Physicians, Nurses, Teachers, Coaches & Advocates


    Do you love what you do, but feel on the verge of burnout? Maybe you are overwhelmed at the thought of a full week, despite knowing that the work you do is important and meaningful. You find yourself wishing that you could connect to your clients, students, or patients more meaningfully, but know there is something holding you back. Maybe you’re even getting triggered at work, despite having years of your own therapy under your belt. There may be days you feel like an imposter—facilitating healing and growth for others while, behind the curtain, you struggle to take care of yourself.

    So often the incredibly insightful, caring, justice-seeking, and hardworking parts of us that draw us to helping in the first place…are also the parts of us that ultimately leave us feeling drained by the career we chose. I’ve been there—and know many others in the helping fields who have been, too.

    Relatively early in my career as a counselor, I realized that if things continued the way that they were, I would be on a path to complete burnout in the field of mental health. In recognizing the need for something different for myself (and for my clients), I found a process of therapy called Internal Family Systems (IFS) that has been profoundly meaningful in shifting the way I am able to show up for myself, and for my clients.

    I’ve seen firsthand for my clients and myself how this experiential process can help to meaningfully change the work you are doing, so that you can continue sustainably offering all that you do with less resentment, exhaustion, and self-doubt and more calm, clarity, and confidence.

    My Experience with IFS

    I am a Level 2 trained IFS Therapist, in the process of becoming a Certified IFS Therapist. I have been on staff as a Program Assistant in Level 1 training sessions, where I help other practitioners learn and practice the model while also processing experientially. I have been taking IFS workshops and have been in ongoing consultation with an IFS Consultant since 2018. To learn more about IFS, visit my blog.

    To ask any questions and decide if IFS therapy is what you are looking for, reach out today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.