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  • Where healing happens, so you can navigate your life with clarity and calm.

    Kate Agel, LPC

    The people I help are coming to therapy with the same confusion and hurt that you are feeling right now. You have come up against a transition in life, and something that has been ignored for a long time has been suddenly (and painfully) unearthed. Whether the stressor is related to school, career, parenting, or your relationships, you know you aren’t handling it with the clarity and calm you’d like to be.

    And despite taking everything head on—achieving in school and work, putting effort towards relationships, and committing to grow and learn every day—you have found yourself frustrated, exhausted, and conflicted.

    In working with me, we can find your answer to those questions that you may be too afraid to ask out loud:

    • How do I make sense of my own feelings and reactions?
    • Will my best ever be good enough?
    • Should I let others in?
    • Can I trust myself?

    If you're dealing with:

    · Unresolved Trauma & Wounding

    · Co-dependency | Boundary difficulties

    · Disordered Eating & Body Image Issues

    · Dissociation & Somatic Experiences

    · Attachment | Relationship Issues

    · Anger | Rage

    · Sexual assault & Harassment

    · Childhood Neglect & Abuse

    · Depression & Mood

    · Anxiety & Panic

    · LGBTQIA+ Discrimination

    · Life Transitions | Identity