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  • Mindful healing of the past, to move forward with calm, clarity, and Self-trust

    Kate Agel, LPC

    You have come up against a transition in life, and something that has been pushed down for a long time has been suddenly, possibly painfully, unearthed. Whether the stressor is related to school, career, parenting, or your relationships: you know you aren’t handling it as calmly as you’d like to be, and you’re lacking clarity on how to move forward.

    And despite taking everything head on—in school, work, and in your relationships—you have found yourself frustrated, exhausted, and conflicted. Feeling misunderstood by the people in your life, as you just try to survive.

    In working with me, we can find your answer to those questions that can be scary to ask out loud:

    • Why can’t I understand my own thoughts, feelings, and reactions?
    • What keeps me from believing that I am good enough?
    • Is there something from my past holding me back from what I want for myself?

    Who do I help?

    People seeking therapy with me know that there is something deeper driving the behaviors they want to change. They know their past experiences are impacting them, but aren’t sure why. They are feeling exhausted by the cycles they find themselves in, and are also scared to let go of any control. They are people struggling to give themselves a break. They are feeling scared of what they might find if they start (or restart) therapy. They worry about letting others in. They see the injustice of the systems they are in, and at times feel trapped in them. Their bodies send cues of discomfort, pain, and/or dissociation as a way of saying “pay attention” or “something isn’t right.” They are extremely sensitive to the needs of the people around them, and sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by that, or even resentful. They are honest with themselves about what isn’t working anymore, and are curious and courageous enough to see what could be different.

    If you're dealing with:

    · Unresolved Trauma & Wounding

    · Co-dependency | Boundary difficulties

    · Disordered Eating & Body Image Issues

    · Dissociation & Somatic Experiences

    · Attachment | Relationship Issues

    · Anger | Rage

    · Sexual assault & Harassment

    · Childhood Neglect & Abuse

    · Depression & Mood

    · Anxiety & Panic

    · LGBTQIA+ Discrimination

    · Life Transitions | Identity